Professional Ecommerce Websites


Full-Cycle Marketing Automation ™

Increase online sales by up to 300% or more with ecommerce automation.

  • DRIVE Customer Traffic
  • CONVERT Visitors To Sales
  • INCREASE Per-Basket Sales
  • PROMOTE Customer Loyalty

Key Automation Features

FULL FEATURED: Our Standard package is loaded with all the features you get from our top competitors' top packages. What sets us apart is our full-cycle marketing automation features that help you compete online successfully -- True Value.

Competitor Price Monitoring

Intell-E-Price™ competitor price monitoring & price optimization software provides pricing intelligence for highest ecommerce conversion optimization.

Shopping Marketplace Automation

Shopping Marketplace Manager

Quickly drive qualified customer traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon online shopping marketplaces.

Advanced Sales Maximizer

Intelligently automate interactions with your online customers. Automatically provide insightful information, deals and offers based on cart content and even customer's profile.

Advanced Promo Shipping

Increase sales with promotional shipping incentives with versatility to set regional limitations, price thresholds, and even catchy promotional language.

Customer Loyalty Automation

Promote customer loyalty with automated rewards programs, deals, members-only sections, promotions, abandoned cart recovery and more.


Ecommerce website online catalog that drives customer traffic to your physical store!

GeoSite + National Sites

Easily manage two (or more) unique sites that provide separation between your physical store presence and your online stores for discrete local vs. national product pricing -- yet easily managed with one centralized inventory.

Affiliate Sites

Multi Store Ecommerce

Connect multiple ecommerce stores to a centralized product database to control and provide a centralized inventory to affiliate stores, or separate wholesale and retail branches.

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Big Business Look & Feel

PRO Templates & Custom Brand Development - AFFORDABLE & FAST!

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Marketing Essentials

Our focus is your online success. Marketing Essentials sets up and manages:

Full-Cycle Marketing Automation management
Watch over your Return on Investment profitability
Google Shopping Marketplace placement and automation
Google Adwords setup and management
Google Analytics integration and setup

Managed Support

We watch over your website quality assurance

Google Webmaster Account Management
Monthly website quality assurance checklist
Perform general overall design/tech upkeep

About Us

As eleven year veterans, we focus on providing big business ecommerce website automation technology to any size business.

Turn-Key Solutions

We provide market-ready and feature-rich professional ecommerce websites that are custom branded, loaded with products, set up with real-time shipping quotes (UPS, USPS, FedEx), ready to transact with credit card and Paypal payments -- ready to do business.

Ecommerce Website Design

We provide market-ready and feature-rich professional ecommerce websites that are custom branded, loaded with products and ready for business in as little as one business day -- with no burden on you.

Trading Up?

If you're upgrading from an existing site to IntellEcommerce, in most cases we'll take care of your migration for FREE!

Security Suite PRO

SSP provides an enterprise ecommerce technology infrustructure with vigilant ecommerce website security program deploying leading industry partners & website certificates that garner customer confidence and increased sales.

IntellEcommerce™ hourly backups
IntellEcommerce™ 14 day retention
Firehost™ secure servers & data centers
PCI Compliant

Website Security Certificate Badges:  View

Coalfire™ internal and external PCI scans
Sitelock™ website vulnerability scans
Trust-Guard™ external PCI scans
Trust-Guard™ Business Verification
Trust-Guard™ Privacy Verification
Starfield Tech™ 256 Bit SSL encryption

Ecommerce Website Security

This required program is just $349 annually.

Big Business Technology Made Affordable

Pay as you go. No long term contracts.



  • FULL FEATURED!! In our base Standard package we pack all features from our competitors' top packages & more. How we differentiate ourselves is our integrated Full-Cycle Marketing Automation components which are built into our higher packages for true value.
  • Unlimited Pack * Unlimited Products
    * Unlimited Bandwidth
    * Unlimited Users
  • Security Suite PRO™ Required Program

    * Hourly Backups!
    * Firehost secure servers
    * Firehost secure data centers

    * Coafire PCI
    * Sitelock
    * Trust-Guard PCI
    * Trust-Guard Privacy
    * Trust-Guard business
    * Firehost
    * Starfield Tech SSL

    $349 Annually
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • Complete Priority Support
  • Company E-mail Accounts



  • Geo-Site capable Ability to promote and draw customer traffic to your brick and mortar store from approximately a 50 mile radius. Connect multiple GeoSites for easy management. $50/mo for each additional store.
  • Shopping Eninges Mngr Access to:
    * Shopping Marketplaces
    * Shopping Engines
    * Affiliate Engines
    * Ask us for available programs
  • Product Rules Turn your entire site into an online catalog, and or restrict specific product purchases to geographic regions. You can also restrict to in-store-purchased-only -- and more.
  • Advanced E-Campaign Mngr
  • Google Integration Pack Setup + Integration:
    * Google Analytics
    * Google Sitemap
    * Monday Morning Analytic Reports


$195Additional Stores $50 / mo

  • 1 FREE Store(Geo + National) You get 2 discrete (but connected) ecommerce websites. Separate your brick and mortar store (GeoSite) from your national e-commerce website. Protect your in-store pricing against your online competition efforts -- But manage both ecommerce websites with 1 central product database. Add additional sites starting at just $50/mo for the STANADAR package.
  • Advanced Sales Maximizer Increase per-basket sales by intelligently suggesting products and deals based on shopper's actual cart content and customer profile.
  • Advanced Promo Shipping Increase sales conversion by offering free shipping on specific products but with the ability restrict to specific geographic regions to prevent revenue loss. You can create requirements such as total count, total Dollar, and more.
  • Customer Loyalty Automation
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Identify abandoned shopping carts and deploy recovery strategies and processes with a series of automation tools and resources.


$245Additional Stores $50 / mo

  • PRO +
  • Multi-Store (HQ + Affiliate) Perfect for Retail Chains, Distributors, and Wholesalers. Increase your sales by providing your constituents with brand new PRO websites loaded with your products which are easily managed from your Headquarter site!

    2 Sites are included (1 Headquarter and 1 Affiliate). Add additional sites starting at just $50/mo for the STANADAR package.
  • Competitor Price Tracking Our Market Watch program includes general sweep of product pricings on Google, Ebay, and Amazon marketplaces.

    50 weekly product updates included. Add unlimited products. Ask an agent for pricing.
  • Product Price Optimization Automatically updates your product prices based on Market Watch. You can set your minimum price, max reduction, prevent competing against yourself, + more.
  • Price War Firewall Prevent your product pricing from being harvested!
  • Retail / Wholesale Capable