Marketing Essentials

DRIVE Customer Traffic

This program is designed to provide fast and affordable qualified customer traffic to your site. We provide Managed Setup, Automation, Technical Support, Customized Reports, Strategy, ROI Insight and Consultation. We do not take a percentage of your marketing budget! Your products will be submitted to the following product marketplaces: * Google Shopping Marketplace * Google Sitemaps for natural search results * Google Plus local listings * Yahoo & Bing Shopping Marketplaces (available)

Google Shopping
e-commerce profitability

ROI Profitability Analysis

We watch over your ROI (Return On Investment) and provide reports, strategic insight and support you in setting up your onboard IntellEcommerce tools and resources in order to help you drive customer traffic, achieve higher sales conversions, increased per-basked sales, and to promote customer loyalty. We also help set-up campaigns programs to: * Reduce abandoned carts * IntellEprice for product price optimization * Advanced Sales Maximizer to increase per-basket sales * Advanced Promo Ship for increased sales conversion * Product Rules for protecting against lost Dollars * Advanced E-Marketing Social Campaigns to promote sales * Sales, Featured, Coupon campaigns and more.

Managed Support


As your Webmaster we watch over all communication from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We resolve any technical issues that may arise in order to ensure trouble-free search results from the top giant search engines and product shopping marketplaces.

Website Quality Assurance

We perform a monthly quality assurance checklist on your website to ensure that everything is in shipshape condition. We go over design plus technical items that may be out of place. If we find anything we will contact you and take care of necessary items that you may have missed. Ultimately the point of this is to make sure your site is technically sound and looking professional.

Pay as you go. No long term contracts.

Marketing Essentials
  • Drive Customer Traffic
  • ROI Profitability Analysis
  • 0% Of Your Marketing Budget
Managed Support
  • Webmaster Services
  • Website Quality Assurance
Complete PRO
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Managed Support
  • Save $95/mo.