Powerful email marketing software with drag-and-drop simplicity gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business -- FREE With IntellEcommerce PRO Series.


No need to know design or technology. Just use the onboard powerful and easy-to-use user interface.

Drag and Drop Tempate Builder

Drag & Drop

Simply assemble eye-catching, high-impact e-mails in moments with drag-and-drop user interface and templage library.

Template Designer

Easily design sections using color, text, images, and even place youtube videos.

Template Designer


This is the real thing -- Advanced features that empower you with information you need for success.

Advanced E-Marketing Features

Transactional E-mails

Trigger automatic emails based on customer interactions your with your online store.

Customer Journey Designer

Drive revenue with automated e-mail sends such as Offers, Reminders, and Birthday Wishes.

Customer Segmentation

Utilize data-driven customer segmention to send personalized emails -- and promote long-term relationships.

Time Zone Optimization

Machine learning combined with subscriber engagement data enables individual optimal email delivery with global time-zone felxibility.

Advance E-mail Marketing Features


Actionable insights with complete professional metrics -- a complete set of reports, giving you the data you need to optimise your strategy and exceed your goals.



Advanced E-mail Marketing Campaign Manager

FeaturesRock On

  • 2500 Monthly Emails Total number of e-mails for all campaigns
  • 500 Subscribers Total number of individual subrscribers
  • FULL FEATURES Email Automation, Design Tools, Insights and Reporting, A/B testing tools, Link Checker, Free image gallery
  • PRO Series FEATURES Transactional emails, Countdown timer, Spam testing, Inbox previews, Timezone sending available with IntellEcommerce PRO series.
  • SETUP: Campaign
  • SETUP: Design
  • SETUP: E-commerce Integrations Design, setup and integrate coupons, incentives, required customer opt-in and opt-out pages and modules on the website.
  • MANAGEMENT: Monthly 1 Campaign Send Setup, Design, Wesite Integration


FREEW/ IntellEcommerce

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  • Design, setup and integrate coupons, incentives, required customer opt-in and opt-out pages and modules on the website.
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$450Mo. + 1-Time $395 Setup

  • Design, setup and integrate coupons, incentives, required customer opt-in and opt-out pages and modules on the website.
  • 1 Campaign Send Setup, Design, Wesite Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more e-mail sends or subscribers?
  • We can provide you with a competitive quote for higher number of send and subscriber capacity. Kindly contact us for a quote.

Is it really FREE ?
  • Yes the Advanced E-mail Marketing Campaign Manager comes standard with all IntellEcommerce PRO Series plans.

What does SELF-MANAGED mean?
  • You can simply use the powerful yet easy to use user interface to create campaigns, design emails, manage sends, and review your analtyics for results. There are some codes you will need to enter into your website content page so that customers can sign up / opt in, or opt out. You can also hire us to perfrom this setup by signing up for the SETUP or MANAGED version. In managed version we perform 1 campaign for you which includes, design, setup, and analysis overview. Contact us for more info please.

Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time?
  • Yes. The FREE plan is integrated into all of our IntellEcommerce client plans. You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. There is not long term requirements. It is month to month as you go.

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