• DRIVE Customer Traffic
    DRIVE Customer Traffic

    From the website storefront features that are beautifully and ergonomically designed, to maximize positive customer experience, to search engine friendly components, and market place product feeds; the system automates business-critical functions to help your site standout, be present, and be found.

  • DRIVE Customer Traffic
    CONVERT Traffic to Sales

    When you're in the store it can be easy to provide personal and intelligent customer service that is linked to higher sales conversion rates. But what happens when your site is 24x7x365 but you're not? IntelePrice, for example, is an automated component that keeps a track of your competitors pricing, while all along updates your product pricing automatically. -- Right product pricing at the right time.

  • CONVERT Visitors To Sales
    INCREASE Per-Basket Sales

    Once again, in the store it's easy to greet your customer and offer expert advice on related product items. On the website this is automated with Advanced Sales Maximizer. It allows you to mimic your in-store human interaction to offer bundle deals based on intelligent relevant information -- Right info at the right time..

  • PROMOTE Customer Loyalty
    PROMOTE Customer Loyalty

    Why show just the invoice at the end of checkout? This is the time to automate customer loyalty -- Right customer relations at the right time.

What Sets Us Apart

Based on our Full-Cycle Marketing Automation platform IntellEcommerce helps you to:

  • DRIVE Customer Traffic
Shopping Marketplace Automation

Shopping Marketplace Automation

Drive qualified customer traffic from Google, Bing & Yahoo shopping marketplaces - with ease.

Affiliate Sites


e-Commerce specifically designed and engineered to drive customer traffic to your physical store and serve as your online catalog!

GeoSite + National Sites

Eliminate in-store versus website pricing dilemmas. Easily manage two (or more) unique sites that provide separation between your physical store(s) and online store(s) for discrete local vs. national product pricing - with one central product database manager!

Affiliate Sites

HQ + Affiliate Stores with wholesale/retail

HeadQuarter administration can connect multiple stores and provide centralized inventory to affiliate stores, wholesale and retail branches - yet complete business autonomy.

Sitemap Generator

Automated sitemap generator connects to major search engines for more improved search results.

optimized sites

All of our sites have fully optimized code for easy search engine visibility.

Meta tag manager

Easily manage met-tag key phrases for better search engine ranking and visibility.

Content Manager

Integrated Article, FAQ, Links, Info Pages, and slideshow managers help you build rich interconnected content that drives search traffic.

E-mail Marketing

Integrated pro e-marketing campaign manager provides advanced tools, templates, and automation which provide easy and high performing campaigns.


Integrated, hosted, and managed WordPress blogging drives customer traffic from your informative content.

Rich Content interlink

Every page is connected to related media content gets indexed and drives customer traffic.

main page portal

MPP organizes your home page as an online portal for a big business look and feel. Featured links and content are indexed as priority by search engines.


Provide coupons with minimum requirements, time, quantity, frequency, and category restrictions.

social share tools

Integrated social sharing buttons integrate Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

Shopper Approved

Customer ratings with Shopper Approved integration provides active shopper referrals.

Google Plus

Google Plus integration is a standard way to drive traffic as Google users rate, review, and shop.

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  • CONVERT Visitors To Sales
Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitor Price Monitoring

Integrated ecommerce price optimization provides competition based pricing automation for increased ecommerce conversion rate.

Advanced Promo Shipping

Improve ecommerce conversion optimization with promotional shipping incentives and with the versatility to set regional limitations, price thresholds, and custom promotional language.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automate the process of reaching out to potential customers that did not complete checkout with auto-emails, questioners, campaigns, and status reports.

Affiliate Sites

Security Suite PRO

SSP provides leading security partner services that garner customer confidence and increased sales when you display badges from: Trust-Wave, Trust-Guard, Firehost, Authorize.net, Coalfire, Starfield Tech.


Create bundled deals based on seasons, related products, customer profile and more.

Banner ads

Easily ad text and or image banners to promote products, categories, manufacturers, promotions and more.


Manage sales by category, manufacturer, specific prods, in bulk and more.


Featured product section helps you to showcase products without having to put them on sale.


Easy, flexible, complete and user friendly layout and navigation - even when you have thousands of products across hundreds of categories.


A well branded site means customer confidence -- so all sites are branded professionally to your specification.


Provide product search based on category, product description, manufacturer, supplier, alphabetic, and more.

live chat

Integrated advanced professional live chat by MyLiveChat.com !

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  • INCREASE Per-Basket Sales

Advanced Sales Maximizer

Intelligently automate interactions with your online customers. Automatically provide insightful information, deals and offers based on cart content and even customer's profile.

Affiliate Sites

Super-Mall Modules

Main page components provide big business portal look and feel plus improved product visibility, credibility, and interconnectivity to drive up sales.

quantity price breaks

QPB per product as well as customer group type!

Rich Content Interlink

Connect products, articles, links, info pages, faq, etc to create rich informative content.


Easily add graphic and or text banners to highlight ideas, products and deals.


Customers can one-click-reorder a product or an entire order from their order history.


Easily create slideshows, add and edit slides with images, text, and links to any page.


Easily manage homepage text, images, sales, featured, deals, and more.

Daily Deals

Easily create daily deals to drive up sales and per-basket sales.

Product Layout

Product page layout includes: Sub & Parent Products, Additional Images, Related Products, Product Options.

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  • PROMOTE Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Manager

Automate customer rewards program, multi-tier discounts, club deals, members-only sections and pricing, deals, promotions, and more.

Customer Groups

VIP Areas

Create multiple level VIP-Only areas with special deals, categories, and products, and pricing to reward different VIP levels ie: Silver, Gold, Platinum.


Allow customers to keep a product wishlist in their account history to purchase later.


Frequent shoppers love this one! Customer Account saves order history so customers can view purchase history and one-click reorder by product or by invoice.


Customers can leave their shopping cart and come back later without having to start over.


Followup with customers with your newsletters to inform and promote.

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More Great Features

Product Rules

Limite products for in-store purchase. Set your site as an online catalog only. Or set geographic ship-to restrictions.

Affiliate Sites

Horizontal Banner Manager

Create multiple banners in the header section and limit them to specific pages of your site for improved promotions and communications.

Inventory Manager

Robust inventory manager can restrict checkout at zero quantity, allow backorders, turn off add-to-cart button, etc.

export / import

Manage, edit, and update product using mass import or export manager ease.

multiple products mgr

Easily move, delete, and connect multiple products in just a few clicks.

quick updates

Simply update a multitude of product parameters and info in one page.

multi-tier access

Allow access level restrictions to the administration for different employees.

Live Shipping Quotes

Real time shipping quotes from UPS, USPS and FedEx. Includes Negotiated Rates and Freight quotes.

Carrier Zones

Specify carriers to specific zones. For example UPS to USA and FedEx to International.

Flexible Shipping

Available methods: Table Rate, Per Product, Global Free with Minimum Order Requirement, In-Store Only, Store Pickup option, and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, C.O.D., In-Store, Terms

Customer Pay/Ship Options

Decide which customers or customer types (groups) get which shipping and payment options.

Box Sizes

Specify Shipping Box sizes for more customized and accurate shipping quotes.

Custom Product Fields

Add additional product information parameters for improved search, product display, or any custom product data necessary.

Order Management

Manage orders and status with ease. Drop ship. Edit and more

Shipping Status

Provide FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping status link to order status, history, and customer are in one click.

Batch Orders

Batch print and update order status with date range, order range and or status.


Robust reports include Product Price Optimized, Sales, Backorders, Per-Basket Quantity, Viewed, and more.

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