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Server & Website Response.
Google: 0 – 1.8s is fast.
Sub-Second for us!

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Google: 0 - 3.8s is Fast.
Sub-Second for us!

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GTMatrix will scan your site. IntellEcommerce does the rest.

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Load Balancing
[1] Security
Deployed and actively managed security on multiple concurrent levels: DNS, Data Center, Server, Application.
[2] Scalability & Redundancy
Managed resources deployed to scale in bursts and or from small businesss to large as needed quickly.
[3] High Availability
Multiple servers scale separated functions for security and independent availability: Gateways, Firewalls, Web, Database, DNS, Mail.
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Our Server Infrastructure

AWS Global Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform -- and your managed Magento ecommerce website & AWS hosted servers with IntellEcommerce will rest on a backbone of world-class technology assurance.

Load Balancing