Why IntellEcommerce

IntellEcommerce provides high-performance enterprise e-commerce websites via our MULTI-SERVER POWERED setup (4, 6, or 8 servers), with fast sub-second response times, stability, resilience, security, and scalability. Our services rest on three pillars: 1) Amazon Web Services 'Certified Well-Architected Hosting Infrastructure' 2) Adobe's enterprise-featured Magento e-commerce websites, and 3) Personalized white-glove support.

Amazon Web Services

#2 Fortune 500 Company, AWS (Amazon Web Services), is the global leader in 'Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and Platform Services'.

Magento Adobe Commerce

Ranked 253 in the Fortune 500, ADOBE Commerce (Magento) is a global leader in digital commerce, offering world-class e-commerce technology.

IntellEcommere Managed Services

Est. 2004, IE provides world-class Adobe e-commerce websites on AWS Certified 'Well-Architected Cloud Hosting Infrastructure'.

Page Speed

Our Magento hosting page speed gets an A-Rating performance score from Google -- Our Performance Guarantee To YOU.

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Our normal client website performance score. Our
A-Rating Guarantee to YOU

Server & Website Response.
Google: 0 – 1.8s is fast.
Sub-Second for us!

Time for completed page.
Google: 0 - 3.8s is Fast.
Sub-Second for us!

Website Performance

Website Performance

Fast fine-tuned ADOBE Magento e-commerce websites on AWS state-of-the-art Infrastructure with a Google website performance score of 96% means happy customer shopping and success for your online business.

High Availability and Resilience

Multi-Server Configurations with 4, 6, or 8 Server configurations providing resource separation and superb power, resilience, redundancy, security and high availability.

DBaaS Resilience

AWS Well Architected Framework

Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server configurations with Amazon Web Services approved Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well Architected Framework

Scalable Infrastructure

Integrated Resource Power BURSTS handle traffic spikes, while being well priced and affordable --
E-commerce that grows with you from local and small to international and large.


Fully Managed Provisioning

Setting up your instance is a white glove service. We take care of 100% of setup and pre-configuration.


Redundant Infrastructure

That's correct -- unlike most hosting providers our World-Class Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is based on our 4, 6, or 8 Server Configurations to ensure your e-commerce site is highly available. With 1 or 2 Web Servers and separation of database, DNS, e-mail, FirewWalls, Traffic Whitelisting, and Load Balancers IntellEcommerce ensures full resource availability.

World-class ecommerce websites on the world's #1 web hosting infrastructure.
Best Magento Hosting: Managed Magento Hosting + the Best Magento Ecommerce Pricing.
DBaaS Performance

VPS & Dedicated Server

You have access to our Multi-Server Configurations both on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Dedicated Serers.

Geo-Zone Security

Infratructure level whitelisted / blacklisted web-traffic by COUNTRY provides an important added layer of protection against unwanted website traffic and potential threats. Available Zones: US/Canada (default), Custom Zones, International

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Geo-Zone Traffic Security

DBaas Secure

Firewall Security

Multi-Layered Firewall on Infrastructure, Server, and Application Levels concurrenlty.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Site and Databases are backed up daily and retained for up to 30 days. For clients with Dedicate Database Servers a secondary backup and recovery is available per 5 minute increments for 7 days. In addition database configurations are available with High Availability Failover support providing a primary database and a secondary standby database! This is an industry leader provisioning.


Enhanced Magento


You'll find our ENHANCED Magento Admin to be more ergonomic and robust with feature sets which include world's most popular PORTO e-commerce templates and powerful control panel which provides 30 templates with interchangable parts including headers, footers, body, etc. and with full accss to HTML, and Adobe Stock images.

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24/7/365 Monitoring

Your website is monitored for uptime availability by the Minute on all levels: Infrastructure, Server, and Application level. If our automated system detects any down resource we take action immediatley to support all auto scalling and provisioning to ensure uptime for your website and buisness. Monitoring is per 5 minute increments (Per 1 Minute is available).

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monitoring 24/7/365

Enhanced Magento

User Experience (UX) Testing

Website User Experience quality control is provided through our Robots that perform website login and checkout at various intervals to verify satisfactory user experience and functionality.

PCI Scans & Remediation

We provide PCI Council Authorized PCI Scans & Remediation on server and application level to assist you with PCI Requirements.

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PCI Scans & Remediation

File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) & Virus Scans

Daily File Integrity Monitoring and Virus Scans with Managed Remediation

Magento VS Shopify
See why 70 of top retailers use Magento vs Shopify's 10.

Frequently Asked Questions VPS

Can you provide more information on the difference between your hosting packages: QUAD, HEXA, OCTO
  • Onlike most hosting providers where your websit services reset on just one server which is shared by hundreds or thousands of users, our base Quad VPS hosts your site on a Virtual Private environment while separating Website, Database, Name Server and Traffic Routing, and Mail Server -- thus providing a more secure, resiliant, and powerful website presennce and availability.

    Our HEXA (6) VPS servers add 2 more Server Services: CloudFront+WAF which provides added infrastructure level FireWall and Website Traffic Geo-Location vetting system that helps protect against website attacks BEFORE the website server is even reached. Content Servers (CDN) provide a separation of content such as 'images' which provide faster delivery of website content with higher availability. Separated Visit W3Schools servers (Search Technology used by Microsoft, Netflix, Uber) provide enhanced search results while adding power to the web servers.

    Our OCTO (8) VPS servers add yet 2 more Server Services: Web 2 which is a second web server acting as a redundant copy of the first so if the 1st server is unavailable due to high traffic and or downtime, the second server is automatically enabled thus providing highest availability. Load Balancers work as a Gateway where traffic is routed to one of the 2 available website servers: Web-1 or Web-2

What are the benefits of Cloud VPS?
  • On a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you get the advantages of having a fully managed evnironment with high availability at a lower price than dedicated servers.

    Dedicated Server configurations will assure you 100% resource allocation and flexibaility and so the price is a bit higher than VPS allocated resources.

Is Email Hosting included?
  • Yes e-mail servers and related servces are provided as a part of our Fully Managed Magento on AWS Hosted E-commerce platform.

What type of support do you offer?
  • TECH: On server and application level We provide a fully managed and integrated Magento and AWS Seraver Hosting service.

    BUSINESS: We also provide website management (Webmaster) and Marketing Services as requested is quoted based on needs and requirements.

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