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10 Reasons Why IntellEcommerce is the best AWS Magento Hosting provider:

1] AWS Approved Well-Architected Framework Infrastructure
  • As an AWS-Approved Well-Architected Framework provider, IntellEcommerce is a preferred AWS Magento hosting solutions provider. Our multi-server optimized AWS Magento hosting infrastructure provides the best AWS Magento hosting technology with maximized performance and cost-efficiency at the best AWS Magento hosting price.

    Sources: AWS Approved Well-Architected Framework

2] Multi-Server Powered
  • Our 4, 6, or 8 multi-server load balancing provides fully managed AWS Magento hosting SaaS solutions with exceptional performance, security, and scalability, providing you with the best Magento hosting and superior Magento on AWS hosting solutions.

    Sources: World Class AWS Magento Hosting

4] Fast Page Speed Guarantee
5] AWS Magento hosting as SaaS
  • Our fully managed Magento on AWS hosting solutions are designed to fully remove the extreme difficulties, time and effort required to setup, update, and manage your Magento on AWS store, allowing you to focus on growing your online business.

6] Enhanced Magento with optimized AWS Magento hosting Features
  • We include a range of business-critical AWS Magento hosting features, such as enhanced security and PCI Compliance, 5 minute backups and disaster recovery, advanced caching to ensure your Magento ecommerce store is always up and running smoothly with up to 1-minute up-time verification checks and mitigation for the best AWS Magento hosting possible.

    Sources: AWS Customers | The Gartner Report | Amazon Fortune 500

7] Enhanced Magento Features
  • We have enhanced Magento with awesome features: Onboard design automation, Free premium templates, PCI Compliance Badge, advanced E-mail Marketing Campaign Manager, integrated Customer Loyalty Manager, Enhanced Easy Product Grid Manager, etc in order to ensure that IntellEcommerce is the best AWS managed Magento hosting provider possible.

    For more info see: 1-CLICK INSTALLER & DESIGNER | Advanced E-mail Marketing Campaign Manager

8] Premium Personalized Friendly Support
  • We pride ourselves on delivering personalized and friendly service to every client, ensuring your experience with us is always positive. In addition to phone, support tickets, Clients get instant TEXT support for fastest support response support - the first in the industry to provide this level of personalized service to be AWS Magento hosting and support possible.

9] Turn-Key White Glove AWS Magento Hosting Setup
  • Our turn-key white glove AWS Magento hosting setup process provides a no-hastle and stress-free migration to your IntellEcommerce AWS Magento hosting solutions.

10] 20 Years of Experience in E-commerce
  • Started in March 2004, we have 20 years of full-time experience in e-commerce, with the expertise and passion to help your online success.

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Load Balancing
[1] Security
Deployed and actively managed security on multiple concurrent levels: DNS, Data Center, Server, Application.
[2] Scalability & Redundancy
Managed resources deployed to scale in bursts and or from small business to large as needed quickly.
[3] High Availability
Multiple servers scale separated functions for security and independent availability: Gateways, Firewalls, Web, Database, DNS, Mail.
World-class ecommerce websites on the world's #1 web hosting infrastructure.
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Our Server Infrastructure

AWS Global Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform -- and your managed Magento ecommerce website & AWS hosted servers with IntellEcommerce will rest on a backbone of world-class technology assurance.

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